Camille Print Studio can help you enhance your brand.  Just have a concept?  We can turn it in to a reality, by creating artwork ready for product development.  Guiding you through the process of concept, colors, art, and application, always ready for production.  We can take your illustrations and turn them in to a collection of prints and placement art.  We can showcase how to apply your art for your clients on any product; apparel, furniture, stationery, bedding, or home accessories. 





Camille Print Studio can act as your art department.  Our team can provide a single stage or the entire design process – from concept through manufacturing.  We can creating textiles and graphics based on your concept boards.  We can serve as your ideation department helping you to formalize and focus your ideas into a concept.  From there, we can create textiles and/or placement art to translate your concept into a marketable product.  We can create an entire collection of artwork supporting your concept with continuity throughout the products.  When the process is done, you will have an entire collection of artwork unique to your product, and it will be ready to send to manufacturing.  

We can also help you in technical areas.  Resizing artwork, recoloring prints and placement art, turning your vintage art into a repeat, setting up the art ready to send to manufacturing, or helping you create your own mood, lifestyle, trend boards with a color palette - we can help.  Check out our Samples of Artwork.








Need some artwork fast?  We have a library of original artwork, with reduced colors, and in repeat, readily available for purchase.  The library is on a first come first serve basis. 

How it works:  Email us at info@camilleprintstudio.com letting us know that you are interested in a Client Login and we will send you a login name and password that allows you to browse through our LIBRARY OF ARTWORK.  Upon purchase, you receive a digital copy of the print/graphic (.eps and .tiff) in repeat, and full copyrights – it is your artwork.